Sunday, November 22, 2015

unlisted #9

Another set of items occupying my mind grapes. Previous versions: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 7 / 8

picnic at hanging rock | I knew I would like this movie before I even saw it. The poster! The trailer! YOU GUYS. It's on Hulu, watch it immmmmmediately if you are in the market for a moody, mysterious film full of gorgeous imagery. Inspiration for days.

sweetgreen | Let's be real: this is a salad restaurant. LOL OMG, LIKE LA LIFE, RIGHT? But seriously: this place is in walking distance from work, you can order online ahead of time, and they make a darn tootin' delicious salad. True, it's kinda spendy, but sometimes you just wanna drop too much money on food you know you can make at home.

casually gorgeous | I have never been an expert makeup applier. My guilty pleasure as of late is watching VERY COMPLICATED, VERY INVOLVED makeup tutorials on youtube. We're talking contouring, multiple eyeshadows, fake eyelashes, the whole shebang... things that I would neeeeever actually do on myself. They're weirdly soothing. Casually Gorgeous is an instagram account that focuses on simple, effective makeup tips that I feel like I really would do. It's a perfect combo!

geometric drink rocks | Surprise surprise. I like a geometric rock thing. These ones go in your whiskey or whatever - I guess I would even put them in water, because they are geometric rock things.

cleaning furball | Imagine a Roomba, but cuter? This is that thing.

Theodore Kittelsen | I don't know how I'd never heard of this Norwegian painter/illustrator before, but now I have and I'm smitten. He had an eye for the spooky and ominous, but also made some really sweet and beautiful images. And those color palettes! GUHHH. Here are some more examples of his work, because I can't help it:

Friday, November 13, 2015


Sorry it's been all quiet around here recently! I've been working full time during the day and freelancing my lil' patootie off at night... AND (in whatever spare time I have left) I've been hard at work designing an enamel pin with Lisa!

Maybe you remember this special lady? She was a part of the 10 gif poems we created for Dear Claudia a couple months back. Lisa contacted me one day suggesting that this illustration in particular should have its moment in the real world as an enamel pin, and so we dove head first into upping our #pingame.

And now, finally, she's ready for you to purchase! Because we love spooky dates and things you can buy the pin starting today, Friday the 13th. AND because we love spooky dates A LOT we're offering FREE SHIPPING (no code required) until the next full moon (November 25th). You even get a lovely backing card with the poem that inspired this pin in the first place! GUYS WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

p.s. watch our official instagram/tumblr for more photos!

both photos by Lisa

Thursday, October 15, 2015

old haunts

It's October! YAY, you guys, IT'S FALL! I don't care if it still gets up to 90 on a weekly basis, I love Fall and all the stuff that comes with it... including gloomy doodles! I've been doing a terrible job drawing something spooky every day (Bill is doing WAY better), but I wanted to show off a couple of my recent doodles!

Spooky podcasts have been inspiring me a lot this month, I started listening to Lore (nonfiction scary story origins), Limetown (fiction journalism about a strange town and its disappearing inhabitants), and most importantly Knifepoint Horror - this one is another fiction podcast, but each episode is a different terrifying tale written from one point of view. They are the ultimate campfire stories, with twists and open ended mysteries, I'm totally obsessed.

Also accomplished this month in the spooky realm: I watched the Blair Witch Project for the first time ever and survived! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

moon child

After a flurry of texts and sparkley eyed excitement (as we always do), on Sunday Lisa and I decided to do a quick last minute blood moon gif poem - say THAT ten times fast! 

I just realized that I never posted our original gif poems, the ones that started this whole gif poem obsession! We made 10 of these bad boys for Poor Claudia, and it took me fifty million years to finish them but now they're one of my most favorite things. 


(Bonus: if you go to Poor Claudia's website there's some extra info about our process when we work together. It involves a lot of sparkle eyes.)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

fall in love

Ahh, fall. The leaves, the temperatures, the food. I know fall is arriving for many folks, and to celebrate I drew this happy little mouse enjoying some sort of tasty spiced tea in his wellies. 

I said fall is arriving for "many folks" because has notttt quitttte arrived here yet. We have a couple more months of summer weather in LA before the temperatures drop (in "winter"), but a girl can still make a fall fashion inspiration board if she wants to, right? 

My wardrobe is slowly but steadily getting upgraded/downsized, and I've been doing a lot of online window shopping in hopes of figuring out exactly what it is I want. The answer is all black everything I guess? I'm boring now? Whateverrrrr, go look at some stuff I've been ogling from a variety of places (some of it on the unaffordable side, but that's why it's window shopping.. amirite??)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

work it

I was going through my files the other day and realized that I had a GIANT (okay maybe just a couple) backlog of fun illustrations that I hadn't posted yet! They're all from various promotional campaigns Bright has done in the last couple months, so there's lots of fun fun stuff!

Enjoy, peruse, and dream about what you would use as a house if you were an adorable fairy. 

p.s. that "Puberty & You" book is maybe the funniest thing I've ever drawn.

Monday, September 7, 2015

playing ketchup

Here in the US it's Labor Day! There's a lot of history surrounding this day, but most people just celebrate the fact that they don't have work and can drink beer & grill up some hot dogs in the middle of the day - which, I'll admit, is kind of what I do. Except we don't have a grill, so instead I digitally grilled up a SPARKLE DOG.

Tell me, interwebs, what do you like on your hot dog? I'm a simple ketchup and mustard girl myself, although I do prefer that the dog be grilled within an inch of it's life. Crispy dogs 4ever.